Should big business be running the County Council?


The important position of County Council Chair includes setting the agendas for meetings.

Would you like to see Grove Farm at the helm of the Kauai County Council making the decisions on what issues will or will not come before the Council, setting the rules for how much engagement Grove Farm wants the Council to have with the public, and deciding what information gets shared with County Councilmembers?

Letters regarding the potential conflict of interest

Council Chair Conflict

Board of Ethics

Letter to the Council




  1. Attend the Organizational Meeting with 2018-2020 County Council in which they will publicly discuss the Chair, committees, public engagement, etc.  Monday, November 26, 3:30 pm, Council Chambers – Public testimony will be at the beginning of the meeting at 3:30pm
  2. Attend the Inauguration Meeting Monday, December 3, time TBD
  3. Submit written testimony to