Who We Are…

Community Coalition Kaua’i (CCK) was formed in the Summer 2016 to bring together individual’s from across the island to improve our understanding of some of the most compelling issues Kaua’i is facing today. Our goal is support a proactive approach to wisely managing growth and securing a sustainable future for Kaua’i.

Who We Are

Community Coalition Kaua’i (CCK) was formed in the Summer 2016 to specifically track the process of the new General Plan for Kaua’i. CCK was borne out of the common concern of many individuals from around the island that they were not being adequately heard through the County’s choreographed public input process.

Help Support CCK

Community Coalition Kauai C/O 1000 Friends of Kaua’i 501c3 Is a group of volunteers advocating for a better Kauai. Your financial contribution will help us engage and empower our local community on important issues and may be may be tax deductible.  EIN# 99-01990096  Mahalo for your support!

The Vision

Imagine an island where basic needs like housing and access to a diversity of income generation opportunities are available for all.  Imagine a self-sufficient island with a farm to table food economy.  Imagine an island that represents a living model of our rich Hawaiian cultural heritage that honors both keiki and kupuna.


Click below to read written and oral testimony and comment archives from the community on Kauai’s General Plan.  Please join us in this coordinated community-wide effort to speak with one voice about the need to have a General Plan that first and foremost meets the needs of the residents of Kaua`i.


Stay informed about important issues, events and meetings and action alerts.

What’s New…

Working together for a better future for Kauai.  Here’s what YOU can do:
Get Involved!

Get Involved!

CCK is about empowering community and taking on the issues in collaboration with civic and private partnerships. Get involved with community members from around the island in directing Kaua’i’s future.


Speak Out

Speak Out

Even the most powerful of individual voices can be lost in the noise around the issues we care most about. However, a collective and articulate voice speaks loud and clear to the change makers.




Because of our strong volunteer base, we are able to dedicate 100% of all donated funds to supporting community programs, with no overhead. Please be a part of the change in whatever way you can give.


We need the full force of the communities on all sides of Kaua’i to come together and take responsibility for our future. We as an island community can and have to work collectively, quickly and effectively to meet the challenges in front of us.