Here's what you can do to join us in our efforts to secure a sustainable future for Kauai.

Community Coalition Kaua’i is all about empowering community through exposing ourselves to the issues, deepening our understanding through knowledge platforms, and then taking on the issues in collaboration with civic and private partnerships. Join in with community members from around the island in directing Kaua’i’s future.


Community Coalition Kauai (CCK), with support from the public, distinguishes itself this past year as a group of citizens willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work, volunteering hundreds of hours on the County’s recently adopted General Plan Update. With your continued support, there is more for CCK to do to educate and motivate Kauai citizens to stand up and stop the railroading of Kauai by corporate influence.


The centerpiece of our work is community engagement, community empowerment through expanding our knowledge base, and the collective community taking action. Without the generosity of the broader community, the scope and reach of our work would be ineffectual. Because of our strong volunteer base, we are able to dedicate 100% of all donated funds to supporting community programs, with no overhead. Please be a part of the change in whatever way you can give.

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Speak Out!

Even the most powerful of individual voices can be lost in the noise around the issues we care most about. However, a collective and articulate voice speaks loud and clear to the change makers.  Collective breath becomes the gale force of change. Join CCK, or other community organizations, and speak out loud about the issues impacting our quality of life on Kaua’i.


Your support allows us to continue our work at community engagement and empowerment for the issues that matter most to Kaua’i.