CCK Strategic Plan for 2019


Aloha Friends of Community Coalition Kaua’i,


The core team of Community Coalition Kaua’i (CCK) met on November 20 and December 11 to develop new strategic priorities for CCK to be implemented during the next two years. The strategic priorities were selected from the ideas and support coming from our larger membership, and ex-officio and current county representatives who appreciate the work of CCK.  We do not consider these strategic priorities as a definitive list, but rather a starting place, and are open to being responsive to other ideas and needs that are appropriate to the work of CCK.


Please note that the specifics of these activities have yet to be fully articulated by the teams working on them. That will be the first task for each team. There is also room on all teams for additional members, so please contact us if you are interested in joining in. Additionally, if you belong to another organization with similar priorities that would like to partner with CCK, we are open to all possibilities. If you find our work is redundant in any area with the work another organization is engaged in, we are happy to move out of that area. We are most interested in the work getting done, not ownership.

Click here to read the Strategic Priorities for 2019-2020 document.