Do You Think We Need More Affordable Housing on Kauaʻi?

Do You Think We Need More Affordable Housing on Kauaʻi?


Any testimony needs to be offered in writing by 9 am tomorrow, Wednesday October 7
Our greatest concern is that the current version of the bill not only exempts the town core developers from any affordable housing requirement, totally exempting them from the Kauai Housing Policy, but it also totally exempts any R10 or greater developments that are outside the VDA or shoreline zone. That means Grove Farm property or A&B property that are in very attractive locations with ocean views, just outside the VDA, that are now zoned ag or provisional ag will, upon a change in zoning, be able to develop large multi-unit complexes/condos with no requirement for contribution to affordable housing.
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Dear Friends:


Bill 2774, amending the Countyʻs affordable housing law, is in its fourth draft before the Councilʻs Housing and Intergovernmental Relations Committee, chaired by Councilmember KipuKai Kualiʻi. It is likely to be passed out of committee this Wednesday, October 7. It needs your input!  


Bill 2774 is the most important bill before the Council this year because affordable housing is at risk more than ever.  Since the coronavirus pandemic, many people from around the country are wanting to move to Kauaʻi. This will only increase the price of housing and make it harder for those born and raised here to stay on Kauaʻi.


Draft 4 restores the exemption that exempts any developer in the Lihue, Koloa and Kalaheo Town Cores and any developer of multifamily units outside the Visitor Destination and Shoreline Management Areas from affordable housing requirements. This will severely hamper the County efforts to provide affordable housing.


Here is a link to excerpts from my testimony on Bill 2774 which helps to explain what is at stake:


If you are concerned about affordable housing on Kauaʻi, please consider sending an email to re Bill 2774, Draft 4, before this Wednesday morning requesting the following:

  1. That the exemptions for developers in the town cores of Lihue, Kalaheo and Koloa and multifamily developments outside the VDA be removed

  2. That long-term affordability be required.

  3. That the donation of land and offsite infrastructure be encouraged in lieu of turnkey units.  This will be the best way to ensure long-term affordability because the County will own the land–or can transfer it to a nonprofit like Habitat for Humanity or a housing land trust.


Thank you for speaking up for present and future generations.